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The first thing you will notice about Indoclone is that we are not a conventional pharmaceutical company, Each and every person at Indoclone is driven by a passion for fearless innovations and a bold desire to transform the lives of millions with new medicines. Together by creating new possibilities in medicines our product are quite literally changing the world.

Indoclone is working on a new medicine to advance the treatment of diseases. Our development pipelines include several investigational drugs that have the potential to transform the treatment of diseases. Every day brings us step closer to getting patients the medicines they need and potentially changing their lives in previously unimaginable ways. It is a demanding yet incredibly rewarding experience that cannot help but change your life experience in the process too.

We realize that creating tomorrow’s breakthrough medicines cannot always happen through the work of Indoclone alone. With that in mind we have established a network that connects the researchers in an open collaboration. This network approach gives Indoclone access to many of the most exciting emerging technologies and helps to accelerate our understanding of diseases, the discovery, development and commercialization of new medicines.

Mr.Jayesh Bodar founded in and a dream to create a new kind of pharmaceutical company. After more than a decade, where he found that most of the medicines he come over would never make it to the patient, he left and founded Indoclone with the idea that no challenges should be too great. From the very first day, Indoclone has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in medicines with the simple goal of improving the lives of peoples.

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